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Jamiilah Linton-Anane is a Senior Human Resource Professional/Consultant/HR Expert with over fourteen (14) years of Human Resource management experience. She has held the role of Human Resource Manager and Senior Manager, Organizational Transformation and Development in top industry players in Trinidad and Tobago. Her areas of expertise and responsibility spans but not limited to the functions of strategic alignment of People Development, Performance Management, Talent Management & Acquisition, Employee Engagement and Communications.  


Nicole Fisher is a Consultant who specializes in developing Corporate Behaviour by providing customised training equipped with training activities that are dynamic, interactive and geared towards promoting an interpersonal environment. 

Genel Forteau has incorporated the beauty and lifestyle market with 15 years of experience as a Cosmetologist, Beauty Consultant and Keynote Speaker.

Jim Andrew our Research Assistant has over seventeen (17) years of service and experience in the management of people and is skilled in the areas of effective customer service management.

Ruthlyn Beverley Forteau is an Associate in the area of effective Communication, Customer Service and Quality Assurance skills with over fifteen (15) years’ experience in education. 

A commitment to always “do what is right” for all our stakeholders

Commitment to Integrity
Client-Centric Partnership

A perspective that starts and ends with the client’s needs and requirements in mind.


Use of ingenuity, imagination and inventiveness


Meet deadlines, keep the commitment and deliver work products that exceed expectations.

Continuous Improvement & Excellence

Pursuit of continuous improvement and excellence in Service Solutions


Our work must consistently provide the highest quality which is demonstrated through our services and deliverables.


We respect the needs of our clients and our colleagues. We are committed to consistently striving for the trust of clients by meeting our commitments and keeping our word.

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