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Nicole Fisher is a Consultant who specializes in developing Corporate Behaviour by providing customized training equipped with training activities that are dynamic, interactive and geared towards promoting an interpersonal environment for both upward mobility, employee growth, and development.


Her experience includes training at both private and public institutions in Trinidad & Tobago via face to face and digital sessions.


Ms. Fisher culminated a wealth of experience while working in the Banking, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Event Management and the Media fraternity which led to a career in the area of Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism, Public Speaking and Training. She is a former radio announcer, and producer, Freelance journalist and budding book writer.


Currently, Nicole is due to complete her MSc Marketing at Herriott University, London and has attained her AAS Journalism and Public Relations, BA Mass Communications.


Ms. Fisher has a passion for assisting persons in reaching their true potential by devoting her time, crafting suitable programs for the evolving workplace, therefore lending her unique skill set as a consultant when the need arises.