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Recognizing Your Employees Despite COVID-19

Is COVID-19 not permitting your Company to recognize and reward your employees with the usual bonuses and parties this year?

There are tangible alternatives that can still make your employees feel recognized, motivated and increase organizational citizenship.

Why consider rewarding your employees during this season:

1. They stood and adjusted with the organization when Management was just trying to figure out how to deal with this Pandemic.

2. Some employees would have put their lives and families at risk attending to customers, although scared they served with a smile.

3. Employees had to emotionally and physically rearrange their schedules as well as families to adapt to the virtual way of working.

4. Some experienced pay-cuts and decreased hours but selflessly offered their best not only to keep their jo

bs but for the love of the Company and the Brand.

5. It's the right way to treat our greatest asset.

If you can't reward handsomely as the norm, here are some options:

• Shopping Vouchers

• Gift Cards

• Hampers

• Lunch | Dinner for two (2)

• Percentage of Bonus (depends on affordability)

• Virtual staff recognition events

• Christmas treats

• Pre-packed Christmas Lunch | Dinner

• Thank You Cards

Remember, the most important thing for employees when receiving a reward isn’t necessarily the financial gain, or the entertainment value of what you’ve given them – it’s the feeling that they actually are valued by the business.

Become and employer of choice, increase organizational citizenship by valuing your employees today and reap great rewards now and in the future.

Published By:

Jamiilah Linton-Anane

Chief Executive Officer


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